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Harmony InYour Career & In Your Soul

Have you ever thought about the work you would like to be doing on a daily basis that would reflect the REAL you? Did you choose your career or did your career choose you? Achieving harmony in your career and in your soul is a journey that begins from the "inside," by paying attention to your values, dreams, goals, talents, and desires.

'Harmony in Your Career & in Your Soul' is unique because Donna Styer understands your needs for career fulfillment and believes you can get there - authentically. The process she shares with the reader fosters a return to the core self in a very simple and clear format.

About the Authors

Professional and personal coach Donna R. Styer is owner and president of D. R. Styer and Associates, a central Pennsylvania-based firm that works with individuals, management teams and corporations to create dramatic changes in interpersonal skills, work/life balance and leadership. Based at Liberty Place, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Donna coaches clients both nationally and internationally. Reach her at 717-393-3755 or

Scott B. McNelis is an executive and freelance writer with areas of expertise in finance, children's organizations, strategic planning, and personal development.